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Adminer: Database Client berbasis Web dalam Satu File PHP

Bosan dengan  PHPMyAdmin ? Ingin sesuatu yang lebih sederhana namun powerfull? Ini dia salah satu Database Client berbasis Web yang saya suk...

Bosan dengan PHPMyAdmin? Ingin sesuatu yang lebih sederhana namun powerfull? Ini dia salah satu Database Client berbasis Web yang saya suka. Tidak hanya untuk MySQL, tapi juga bisa dipake untuk Oracle, SQL Lite, PostgreSQL dan MS SQL. Tidak perlu space yang besar, karena Adminer terdiri dari satu file PHP saja dengan ukuran kurang dari setengah Mega.

Menarik bukan? Silahkan langsung dicoba saja, download di situs resmi Adminer atau coba demo onlinenya.


PHPMyAdmin memang salah satu tools manajemen database MySQL yang sangat terkenal dan banyak digunakan. Namun menurut situs resminya, Adminer, lebih baik. Berikut ini tabel perbandingan antara PHPMyAdmin dan Adminer yang saya kutip dari situs resminya.
FeaturephpMyAdmin 3.3.9Adminer 3.1.0Comment
Supported systemsMySQLMySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, OracleAdminer is also available in a MySQL-only version.
LoginpartialcompleteAdminer offers permanent login including user list, phpMyAdmin only partial support through configuration.
Create tablenot smartsmartIn phpMyAdmin you have to specify the number of fields prior to creating the table. The form design transposes based on the number of fields. Adminer adds fields automatically.
Alter tablerestrictedfreephpMyAdmin cannot move columns and cannot add columns in different places at once (every alter table is very slow when applied to big tables). Adminer can reorganize columns and add them in different places – at once.
Enum typemiserablecomfortableAdminer offers textarea with one item per line for enum type creation.
Indexesone at a timeall at onceAdding an index is a slow operation with big tables. Adminer allows manipulation with all indexes together.
Foreign keyslimitedcompleteIt is not possible to create multi-column foreign keys in phpMyAdmin. You have to create an index manually before you create the foreign key. Adminer offers a foreign keys interface directly in create/alter table.
Viewsno alterfull supportIt is not possible to alter a view in phpMyAdmin, it must be dropped and recreated manually.
User interfaceconfusingintuitiveAn example that applies to many differenet cases: there is an icon by table name in navigation. Half of users do not know that it has a different function than table name, the other half is not sure which function it is.
Triggers, routines, eventsno create, alter manuallyfull supportphpMyAdmin does not offer an interface for creating these objects and has only primitive functionality for altering them.
Calling routinesSQL onlyfriendlyCalling stored procedures and functions in phpMyAdmin is possible only by creating a SQL query. Adminer offers a friendly interface.
Selecting datalackingfunctions, groupingAdminer allows grouping results and applying functions to columns in select statements. It is also possible to order by several columns at once. phpMyAdmin lacks these features.
Blob field downloadextra tablesautomaticIt is possible to download the contents of a blob field in phpMyAdmin only by creating extra tables, specifying them in the configuration and manually marking the downloadable fields. Adminer allows downloading any blob.
Relationsextra tablesautomaticTo link data through foreign keys, you have to create an extra table and specify it in the configuration of phpMyAdmin.
Bulk editingabsentpresentThere is no way to change a field value for several rows at once in phpMyAdmin. Adminer offers both relative and absolute modifications.
Multiple editingcomplicatedtrivialFor example, to fix typos on ten rows: You have to select these rows in phpMyAdmin, edit them, find the typos again and save. In Adminer, just double-click on a typo and save.
Clone rowerror-pronesafephpMyAdmin offers the clone row feature after standard editing, therefore it is possible to overwrite the row by mistake. Adminer has a special button that is displayed prior to this operation.
Schemaextra tablesalwaysSchema in phpMyAdmin is available only after setting up and specifying extra tables in the configuration file and only through PDF or <canvas>. Adminer uses HTML and JavaScript.
Synchronizationrequires remote accessworks anywherephpMyAdmin synchronize feature does not work without remote access to the server which is usually disabled by a firewall. Adminer uses a different approach – it can create an ALTER export which generates alter commands to synchronize the target database with the source after running on the remote server.
Database listslowfastDatabase list is slow because it displays the number of tables. Adminer downloads this data asynchronously.
Status variablesone-line summaryofficial documentationphpMyAdmin displays an on-line summary for some status variables, Adminer links to the official documentation.
Variablesno descriptionofficial documentationphpMyAdmin does not display any description for variables, Adminer links to the official documentation.
Multiple browser tabsblockingnon-blockingWhen one browser tab is performing a long operation, it is not possible to work with phpMyAdmin in another tab. Adminer on the other hand is concurrent and non-blocking.
SQL queriesone resultseveral resultsAdminer is able to display the results of separate SQL queries all in one page.
Syntax highlightingno linksdocumentation linksAdminer provides links to documentation for all SQL keywords.
Keyboard shortcuctsobstructivehandyIn phpMyAdmin, Ctrl+Left/Right does not skip by words as is the standard, instead it moves between fields. In Adminer keyboard shortcuts work as expected: Tab inside a SQL textarea works and Ctrl+Enter sends a form.
Skins68phpMyAdmin skin requires creating over 100 icons.
Customizationextra tablesPHP classphpMyAdmin offers very simple customizations through special tables. Adminer offers advanced customization through a PHP extension class.
Overall performanceslowfastAdminer is 28% faster on average (according toindependent test by Juraj Hajdúch).
Security bugs fixed in 2010101phpMyAdmin still fails to address serious security issues such as ClickJacking from the same domain or Referer Leakage.
Number of files8791The Adminer source code is well structured and kept in 70 files. The final, single file version is the result of compilation and minification.
New version notificationse-mailinside AdminerYou can subscribe to e-mail notifications in phpMyAdmin. Adminer is more user friendly: the availability of a new version is displayed automatically in Adminer itself. There is also an RSS channel for both tools.
Size15 126 kB291 kBNumber of files and size becomes apparent when installing/copying the application to a remote server. Installing Adminer is a snap.
LicenseGPLGPL or ApacheGPL license is quite restrictive – it requires derived products to be also under GPL.
RequirementsPHP 5.2+, MySQL 5+PHP 4.3+, MySQL 4.1+Adminer works even with older versions of PHP and MySQL. phpMyAdmin requires a downgrade to work in older versions.
Configurationusually necessaryzero configurationphpMyAdmin usually requires at least some configuration, Adminer just works.
Jika Anda sudah nyaman dengan PHPMyAdmin ya tidak perlu berpindah ke Adminer, namun kalo pengin nyoba sesuatu yang lain ya silahkan saja. Tools ini patut dicoba!
Semoga bermanfaat.

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